Adventure Session In The Carolina Pines

Our Story Of Our Home

If you didn’t know this about me, I live in a log cabin. Our home is 30 minutes from Wilmington, NC. It’s kind of like having the best of both worlds honestly. It feels like we are in the mountains when we are home and out on our land, but we have a 40 minute drive or less to the beach. Sometimes my husband, Will, and I still find it so crazy that we live where we do.

Here’s the short version of how we found our dream home. We always wanted land, 10 acres or more. When we were dating we would dream of our future home that we would build together on our land. We thought a log cabin was really cool and different, especially, in our area. One day we sat down one night and drew a lay out of our log cabin. Fast forward a couple years later. We start looking for our next home…

When we were online looking at other house since we just got turned down on another house we made a offer on. We knew God would lead us to where he wanted us. As we were talking about that Will came upon our log cabin. We looked through the photos and we where amazed to see that it looked really similar to what we had drawn on a piece of paper.

Our Future Plans For Our Land & Home

You can see that everything worked out and this is were God wants us to be. We have so many plans for our property. One of them being to have more sessions on our land. Being a photographer, I have had my many people try to find a different location when it comes to photography sessions. I am all for finding new places to photograph at. I was pumped that one of my past clients, Jenna and Greg, wanted to a couple session on our property! It was so much fun to be creative with them and capture their love at the same time!

I can’t wait to share more of all the growth and improvements we will make on our land!

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