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When I got to jump on the opportunity to do a branding session, I was all for it. I love encouraging others in their business. Being able to chase their dreams and do what they love brings so much happiness and meaning into our lives. I know the work that goes behind a side hustle and to strive for it to go full time.

I was so excited to start working with Logan on her branding session. When we jumped on a call together to discuss what her branding session would look like we both wanted to represent what she loves to do through her branding images. Logan’s message about healthy eating is so much deeper than just sticking to a strict diet, “food was made to enjoy, not stress over”.

On Saturday morning, I made my way to Wilson, North Carolina. Which is also where I grew up. This branding session was meaningful because I went to school with Logan (and her sister, Nicole) and being able to catch up with her and see where life has taken her was so inspiring! Shout out to Nicole! She helped with props and also hopping in some of the pictures as a model.

Logan is a registered dietitian. She is currently going for her Master’s which is amazing! Logan’s business, Simplistic Nutrition Counseling, is all about creating a space where you can enjoy food in a healthy and meaningful way. She is bringing the message of healthy eating to a new light. She has so much passion for restoring the relationship with food, rather than sticking to a strict diet plan.

The radishes were are fav!

Go check out Logan’s Nutrition Counseling website and Instagram:

Simplistic Nutrition Counseling Website

Simplistic Nutrition Counseling Instagram

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